Feature - select multiple answers in Online Assessments


Maybe I have missed something. Just started to play around with the online assessments module.
Is there (or will there be) a possiblilty to add questions where multiple answers could be chosen. Currently afaik it’s only possible to choose freetext or a list of predefined answers, where only one could be selected.

This would be very useful for the inventorisation of data collections (like: what type of data are you collecting? - name, - birthdate, -profession etc., usually it’s more than one). Or how is this solved by others? I don’t think it’s an option to add a separate question for each (do you collect names? -yes -no | do you collect birthdates? -yes -no etc…)

Kind regards

This was never an option, it just too complicated to define this with a CSV file (the current method for uploading questionnaires) so for the time being we dont think is going to happen. We did a round of updates on the OA module a month or so ago, we’ll probably try another round later this year.

Ok I understand.
It would have been a great use for our data protection project (yes, swiss people are a litte bit slower…). So the users could simply tick which data categories they work with etc.