Feature - Single Email for Multiple Notifications (No due date)

Hi Guys,

Thought I would put this one out there for a possible future improvement or discussion.

When the system is getting filled with lots of risks, controls, and everything else you can get bogged down with a lot of emails which some users are starting to moan about.

Is it possible to put out a summary email with heading of what section of the system the email relates to instead of multiple emails?

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Hi Barry,

Something like a “summary” or “digest” email i suppose? If enabled this notification would “override” the others i suppose?

Thanks for making it so graphical, it helps a lot.

I think this will be possible once we get the new score card:

but is a bit early still to say. Thanks for the input.


A Summary or Digest is perfect. Not sure if its possible but if it could only show what sections relates to that user. So for example a business analyst would not have anything to do with risks.