Feature - Store and show results of Awareness training questionaire/test

We are currently setting up the awareness training module to provide digital delivery and testing so we do no longer need to do this based on presentations. (Even more important now with the Corona outbreak)

We have drafted all the material and created a questionnaire to test the employees knowledge after studying the training material.

So far so good, but after an employee has finished the questionnaire and finishes the training, the results from the questionnaire are not stored and users are marked as “compliant users”. But this might not be the best approach as we do not know the results of the questionnaire, they might have answered all questions wrongly and do not understand the material and as such would not be compliant as they might require additional training sessions.

Also, the results from the questionnaires can also be used to improve the training material and awareness program.

We have also looked at the “online assessments” module for suppliers, and I think that has some of the features that would be nice to have in the awareness training questionnaire part?

On this tab we could add a column that shows in terms of percentages the division in between the number of correct answers and the total number of questions on the CSV. this value should be part of the filters of the tab in case the user wants to search for = 100% or < %100, etc.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/new

Well, if the answers to the questions could also be stored, this would allow for more direct training and further improvement of the awareness material. If there would be no way in reviewing the answers then you would not know where employees have difficulties with. So hopefully this could be added/supported.

for the time being is not possible !

I second the feature request, being able to show capture the results would be very helpful