Feature - triggers

when a dynamic status triggers we now can trigger a notification (email or rest), we want to be able to also define triggers which for example:

  • update a field (dropdown, append/prepend text on text|parragraph, set a date on a field, etc)

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2847

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Use case:

  • i create a custom field on the policy module, with a drop-down with options 1, 2 and 3
  • i want to update that field automatically to option 2 whenever the dynamic status “tralala” triggers

Use case 2:

  • i created a custom field on my risks with drop downs with options 1, 2 and 3
  • i want to set value 2 when risk is above 40 points

The trigger functionality has three components:

1- the logic that triggers the trigger
2- the items that will be affected
3- what fields on those items will be affected and how they will be affected

Now in detail:

1- the following three options can trigger a trigger:

  • one or more dynamic status on / off
  • change of risk value (analysis / treatment … this could only work with eramba and eramba multiplication formulas)
  • change of value on an existing field (text field, dropdown, etc is changed to something new) … we need the comparisons based on the field type (text, dropdown, etc)
  • when an item is deleted (we need this because for item creation you can trigger a dynamic status, but on the case of deletion is not possible)

2- the trigger can affect two things:

  • the item that triggered the condition
  • related items to this item (if you update a policy, you can trigger against that policy and all related controls … or all related control with status = blah)

3- you need to tell what fields on those items you will update and how you will update them:

  • if its a dropdown, an option on that dropdown (careful, this should lock custom fields to prevent messing the db)
  • if its a text field: append, prepend or update the field

Each trigger should keep a log (on the history functionality) that traces the three steps as they occur on the software.

the trigger functionality should be configured as another admin type of settings (acls should prevent the use or not) and set on the menu.

The user interface should let you load a modal where you define:

  • title of the trigger
  • the three conditions mentioned above
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We could perhaps let the customer run code (javascript) …