Feature - Use policy content description field MEDIUMTEXT

It would be great if the Description field using the ‘Use Policy Content’ option could be changed to MEDIUMTEXT from TEXT in the database and GUI to allow for larger policies to be stored that include images etc.


Yes, we already have an issue for that. It will be part of the e3.8.0.

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3218

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Do you have any update on this as I cannot see it in any releases?

This issue was unfortunately postponed and it is still in our backlog. Sorry that i forgot to correct post above.

We are going to remove the copy/paste of images , they are encoded into the db and that takes a lot of space. we’ll do most likely a normal file upload functionality.

is fine, but we dont want that as ended but instead of as file:

Will a file upload feature allow for the image to be visible in the document?

yep it will allow to do that

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