Release 3.12.0

There was a lot of stuff done in this release, I will list the main changes here:

  • lots of work was done on a core of eramba, unfortunately, these things can not be seen by users :frowning:
  • we also reworked the audit/maintenance recurrence setup, this was very hard to understand so hopefully now you will have a better user experience
  • we made some changes to the PDF library, it should prevent customers from getting errors on system health page
  • there was also lots of work done on the Policy content editor, the purifier was extended and tuned, also image uploads should be better now
  • we are also changing how DB schema versions are tagged, so from now on they do not have to be the same as the app version

Important: we made a post with three questions (poll type) we would need your input: IMPORTANT ! - three questions for you (poll)

For a detailed list, see below: