Question - Dynamic Status Change on New Items not working


I am trying to have a notification fired when a new Security Incident is created.

So in Security Incidents I created a ‘Warning’ notification on ‘Dynamic status change’ - ‘Track status change ON’

I tried this with the System Status ‘Ongoing’ and also with a custom status ‘New’ as described in Feature - Warning notification on deleted, edited and newly created items

The issue I have is that the notification does not fire on newly created items when the system or custom status is created, only when the status changes. So for example when a Security Incident would go from Closed to Ongoing, which rarely happens, the notifications fires, not when a new Security Incident is added.

Any other hints how to have users notified on new items?

share with us the conditions that the dynamic status has now, the one called “New” and we’ll take a look.

sure. please see below

wait i’m confused now, your dynamic status looks ok to me, when you create an incident that will trigger.

maybe i’m not understanding here your problem, can you tell me if the status does not trigger when an incident is created?

or the issue is somewhere else?


maybe i phrased my question confusingly ,)

the dynamic status works. The Notification based on the dynamic status is not working when a incident is created.

So in detail: I have two Warning Notifications in Security Incidents:

  1. Issue raised - Dynamic Status Change on custom Dynamic status ‘New’ - Track status change ON
  2. Isscue closed - Dynamic Status Change on system status ‘Closed’ - Track status change ON

So when I create a new Security Incident the custom dynamic status ‘New’ applies and is assigned, but there is no Warning Notification going out (also not in the queue as pending)

When I set the incident to Closed the dynamic status “Closed” is applied and a Warning notification is being sent.

I also tried the initial Warning Notification with the sytem status ‘Ongoing’ - when I create a new security incident it has the status ‘Ongoing’ - a Warning Notification that should be triggered by the status ‘Ongoing’ is not being sent.
When I close the security incident the Warning Notification for Status ‘Closed’ is being and and also when I reopen the security incident and the status goes back to ‘Ongoing’ then the Warning Notification that watches for Status ‘Ongoing’ = ON acutally works.
The notification does not work for newly created items.

Hope that was clearer now ,)

Many thanks, Daniel