Follow-up question after upgrading to eramba v3 (latest as of right now)

I successfully upgraded a VM and eramba from eramba v2 to App Version: e3.13.1 | DB Schema Version: 20220512090106

the health check now has 2 warnings:

Does my current eramba version e3.13.1 already work with PHP 8? I’d rather get rid of that warning asap.

I assume I can fix this by following the instructions here: Release 3.3.0

Yes, version 3.13.1 already works with php8.
You have more options here:

  • you can get rid of these logs and wait till eramba collects new logs with the new logic
  • you can migrate these data to a new logic - I’m sure it will take super long
  • you can live with this warning - there is already a procedure that slowly removes unused logs
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