Release 3.3.0


This release is one of the last ones you will need to do under CLI, we are preparing things to go back to the web gui updater as always. Our next release e3.4.0 will include already the new installer using web-gui (or well, that is our plan).

To install this upgrade:

  1. go to and download to your linux the package e3.3.0
  2. execute the command bin/cake update --from-package=PATHTOFILE from the directory app/upgrade

This update solves a few minor bugs and also works on a table (dynamic_status_value_logs) that can potentially have millions of records, the only thing this table does is hold values to create the type of chart shown below. Is over time, items group by status.

After installing e.3.3.0 eramba will stop using that table and store this information needed for that graph in a more efficient way in a new table. This means that after migration, the chart above will be empty.

  • If you can live with that, then nothing else to do for you.

  • If you really want that historical data then you need to run a special command that will migrate data from the inefficient table to the new table. You will need to know first how many rows you have on that table for that run on mysql:

select count(*) from dynamic_status_value_logs;

This will return the number of rows on that table. Based on the size the migration can take a few minutes or a few days (really). Our testing shows that for each million rows you need to wait one/two hours. If you want to migrate the data, then run the following command:

bin/cake dynamic_status migrate_logs_to_deltas

If you have many millions (say above 5) I would recommend you run this on friday and you let it running the whole weekend, we have not tested this on tables larger than 5million records. If you have more maybe is best to contact us.

I leave you a video for you to see:

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