Is there a limit on the amount of attachments you can view?

I have a control that has 186 attachments but when I try to view them I can only see the most recent 100. Is there a setting I can change to view more or is there some other place where they are viewable? I am navigating through the control ellipsis on the Internal Controls/All Items view then clicking Comments and Attachments, and then the Attachments tab.

Additionally, is there any way to view an attachment without having to download it

no we did not make any limit , but im not sure how you counted the attachments because i tried to upload a few and got this:

so is hard for me to test this … you used filters? can you share a screenshot? (use if you dont want to show confidential stuff

In the screenshot below, I can see that there are 186 attachments. When I click on the attachments tab in any area, there are always 5 in a row (just like in your screenshot) and I have 20 rows which equals 100 attachments. If I add new attachments the number goes up but I still only see 100 of them. If I add 5 attachments, I can see the 5 that I added but the oldest 5 are removed from view.

The issue is there and its scheduled for the next release.

Thank you for the feedback!

Internal reference: