January Instructor Led Trainings (Risk & Compliance) - EU/Americas

Another session of our free and very popular and probably very helpful (many and’s) implementation training is taking place in January 2024. Read the feedback from our last training here: Offtopic - September Instructor Led Trainings

This training is for people located in EU & America’s. If you are an enterprise customer you can register no matter where you reside. We are preparing another session in February for APAC.

Registration form: Americas & EU January 2024 Training

January 25th (Thursday)
16:00 CET - Access Management,

  • Access Control,
  • Authentication

January 26th (Friday)
16:00 CET - User Interface,

  • Policy Management,
  • Policy Reviews,
  • Notifications,
  • Automatic Reviews Process

January 29th (Monday)
16:00 CET - Internal Controls,

  • Audits,
  • Evidence Gathering,
  • Notifications,
  • Basic Reporting,
  • Custom Fields

January 30th (Tuesday)
16:00 CET - Compliance Managements,

  • Upload Compliance Packages
  • Mappings,
  • Control / Policy Linking,
  • Reporting

January 31st (Wednesday)
16:00 CET - Risk Management,

  • Risk Module Configurations
  • Risk Reviews,
  • CSV Imports,
  • Reporting,
  • Dynamic Status

Hello @kisero ,
Please, I can’t access the registration link : WorkForms
Monday.com sends me the following error message.:
“Oops, we can’t seem to find your form
Please try again, contact the form creator or contact support”

Thank you for your help.

Registration is closed, all slots have been taken.
We do these events every second month or so, you will have other opportunities.

Well noted.
Thanks and regards.

Hi, will the trainings be recorded and if so, is it possible to be shared with those who couldn’t register in time and are interested?

Training has been completed, around 100 people completed all five days. Feedback from participants:

Excellent presentation. Estaban is amazing.

Great training from a knowledgable instructor, lots of valuable information presented clearly in a structured way. Highly recommended.

Thanks for whoule explanations and tranning

Esteban made the learning process very efficient and I greatly appreciate his expertise and honesty. He efficiently explained a lot of ideas that will help me use eramba and any other software in this area.

Esteban covered a lot in a humorous and efficient way and understanding the context of Eramba is essential to implementing it correctly. The online training does the same thing thing but not as effectively (for me at least)

Helpful to see someone else present a (demo) use case to understand the concepts tought in the learning portal. Some quick options like disabling certain fields were explained way too quickly. Very hard to keep up. All the principles and explainations that were illustrated through google sheet calculations were very helpful.