Offtopic - September Instructor Led Trainings


We completed our September trainings, some 100 people over 5 days, 2 hours or so each day. We covered Access Management, Policy Management, Internal Controls, Compliance Management and Risk Management.

We issued just now 50 or so certificates (risk & compliance), you can get your certification by logging on the learning portal using the email address we sent the certificate notification.

Only those that completed the attendance sheet 5 times get it, no exceptions please do not insist.

Overall I think the session went well, a few remarks:

  • Anyone who participated in the training is entitled to a %20 discount on on-prem licenses and %10 on SaaS licenses as long the order is placed before September ends (order date is important, not actual payment of the license). Write to for more information.
  • If your company is in the areas of IT or CyberSecurity, consider becoming a partner. Write to for more information.
  • If you are an existing customer and you are stuck with your implementation, we recommend you purchase implementation workshops. You can read why is typically not a great idea to miss them here: Offtopic - Why not buying consulting is (typically) a bad idea

Feedback from the training:

And feedback from the session (anonymous):


Great material


Good material

thank you

Great training


I think the recordings could be immensely helpful

a little bit too much technology and setup, not enough implementation

The platform should work a little more on the Automation side of the processes.

Thanks, that’s all.

Very Informative

Thanks a lot, I hope to become a nice eramba expert with this learning session!


Nice solution, very helpful training!

The training reminded me the importance of having all grc concept organised and interelated for effective risk managements

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your product. It’s really help me.

Tons of potential, indeed a valuable solution.


The format with the 5 days of 2 hours was great.

U are GRC expert by the way.

It was very useful to run through real life setup.

Great learning session

Will move to Enterprise soon

Great training.

This was very good Training good experience, ot of leaning curves

Good show!


Awesome training. Very detailed.

Great content

very good session ! learned a lot about Eramba but also GRC

Easy risk and compliance management for less investissement

Good work

This is difficult without hands on tutorials, but I recognize that would take too much time.

Gracias, me quedaron claro los funcionamientos de los módulos. Me hacía falta.


Good training

excellent training!

A better understanding

Good Training

This was a great session and I enjoyed it.

eramba is now easier to understand

Great intro to implementation!

Thanks for the guidance

Everything is OK

this session helps a lot to understand eramba functionalities better.

Good presentation, thank you


Beneficial. Fast review. Could slow down just a bit in Compliance and Risk modules.

I need to practice a lot

I am going to convince my boss to purchase the enterprise version.

Eramba is very is good and training is very useful

thanks for this webinar, it was very interesting

It was good to follow online! Esteban you are a good online trainer! Kept me motivated. online content and online training = 1+1=3

Extremely helpful, very practical examples, having the opportunity to ask in chat was great

Really love the product, and really excited to have found it. I am using this training to help me build a business case for our company to purchase and implement Eramba. Thanks again for the amazing product and guidance.

The training not only gave a very helpful way on how to work with Eramba, it aso gave insights of what lies ahead in GRC for someone in the initial stages of GRC.

It stimulated a lot of thoughts on risks that I hadn’t considered before.

Give future trainings especially if there are new updates to ermaba.

The training was good, I would add a requirement to do prep work prior to the training

GRC is too much time consuming small company but legal stuff start to make it mandatory to control

Very instructive but a lot to take in for a rookie like me.

Fantastic. Esteban and Eramba have a great story. The Free Training is greatly appreciated.

try more

Very nice tool. Any possibility of making it more automated?


the number of hours that is need to implement eramba

This is a genious piece of software

Really worth training , awesome knowledge for implementation

(Useful) information overload during the training, clear eramba implementation presentation, extremely useful references to GRC concepts. The tips, advice, best practices, and real-world practical experiences regarding eramba implementation and GRC in general, were amazing. Inspiring training! Don’t miss it, if you get a chance to attend it!


Thanks a lot again for taking your time to teach Eramba to us! This is definitely helping to spread the word!

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Hi Esteban,

Many thanks for the inspiring training!

Kind regards,