Offtopic - Instructor Trainings for Asia/Pacific Community (February 2024)

Another session of our free and very popular and probably very helpful (many and’s) implementation training is taking place in February 2024. Read the feedback from our last training here: Offtopic - September Instructor Led Trainings

This training is for people located in Asia / Pacific / US Pacific time zone. The training will be at 23:30hs CET

Registration form: APAC February 2024 Training

February 14th (Wednesday)
23:30 CET - Access Management,

  • Access Control,
  • Authentication

February 15th (Thursday)
23:30 CET - User Interface,

  • Policy Management,
  • Policy Reviews,
  • Notifications,
  • Automatic Reviews Process

February 19th (Monday)
23:30 CET - Internal Controls,

  • Audits,
  • Evidence Gathering,
  • Notifications,
  • Basic Reporting,
  • Custom Fields

February 20th (Tuesday)
23:30 CET - Compliance Managements,

  • Upload Compliance Packages
  • Mappings,
  • Control / Policy Linking,
  • Reporting

February 21st (Wednesday)
23:30 CET - Risk Management,

  • Risk Module Configurations
  • Risk Reviews,
  • CSV Imports,
  • Reporting,
  • Dynamic Status
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We completed the training, as usual we share the anynomous feedback:

Feedback in words:

Functional, with some thoughtful features

Thanks so much


Great training!

ERAMBA is helpful

Common senses prevails when doing GRC

so many concepts are now clear. Thanks a lot to Esteban

good explaination

Great for the implementation workshops

Inspired to implement

The training has enforced my knowledge with this system.

Still learning

Great teaching.

good understanding of Eramba

Really great training.i couidnt do witnin it.

Good session, reinforces the learning from the web site.

Eramba is a well rounded GRC Tool. Because it has so many features, I will have to rewatch these videos.

Useful, but I think better suited to reinforce learning for people who have gone through most of the online training


thanks for the presentation

i have gained a lot

It was very interesting but unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow all the sessions. I’ll make up for it with the recordings.

My understanding was helped by knowing Teammate


Kudos to Esteban for retaining high level of energy all through the five days! The training was good value add for us.

This GRC endeavor is going to be a lot of work. would like to know best way to get company buyin on this new tool. :slight_smile:

Good Session on GRC with Eramba

good training

Esteban explain things in baby steps which makes things easy to understand.

Just want to say thank you for the training

Thanks so much.