Offtopic - May Instructor Led Trainings (Free)

Another session of our free and very popular and probably very helpful (many and’s) implementation training is taking place on May.

Read the feedback from our one of our training here: Offtopic - September Instructor Led Trainings

Registration form: We’re sorry, but the training is full. You can sign up for the Live demo or follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned for the next training.

May 6th (Monday)
15:00 CET - Access Management,

  • Access Control,
  • Authentication

May 7th (Tuesday)
15:00 CET - User Interface,

  • Policy Management,
  • Policy Reviews,
  • Notifications,
  • Automatic Reviews Process

May 8th (Wednesday)
15:00 CET - Internal Controls,

  • Audits,
  • Evidence Gathering,
  • Notifications,
  • Basic Reporting,
  • Custom Fields

May 9th (Thursday)
15:00 CET - Compliance Managements,

  • Upload Compliance Packages
  • Mappings,
  • Control / Policy Linking,
  • Reporting

May 10th (Friday)
15:00 CET - Risk Management,

  • Risk Module Configurations
  • Risk Reviews,
  • CSV Imports,
  • Reporting,
  • Dynamic Status

Hi Jeronimo, is there a chance that you put us on the waitinglist for your May training. We just set up a first installation and would like to start very soon.
Best regards

This is the non-filtered participant feedback - Thank you!

And feedback from its participants:

Thanks for everything

exited to start implementing!

Try eramba again.

Last Module was great for sure on Risk


Intuitive and powerful tool

Good training,

Reflect your reality in eramba

Just starting out - very helpful to have training.

Learn more about GRC using Eramba

Excellent training and initiative. Very informative.

Enjoyable and Learned Lots!

Great Time attending this program

Right approach to compliance - a pathway from problems to solutions

Nice to have a break (for at least 5 minutes - bio break)

quality over quantity

Nice training. Helped a lot!!

Great Overview

Amazing informations from Esteban, nice work. Big Thanx.


It was worth it.

Lot of key information, make sure you’ve had lots of coffee before sessions start. Highly recommended!

Very elaborative

Very useful real world examples.

Learning experience :slight_smile:

thank you as always informative (was a refresh course for me)

It is a great tool and a tremendous value for organizations.

Great tool

tired but satisfied

Need to watch the videos to fully understand

Lot of csv entires in my future.

It was good start to understand how the solution work.

I definitely found the training useful for planning an implementation.

great presentation

thanks !

Excellent explanation. It helps

Helpful, explains a lot

Valuable training

Very helpful, informative as well as user friendly with great

eramba rocks - simplicity works

The training was good overall however it would be good to have a trainer with more GRC experience

really nice training

a lot of learning

Grateful for all your knowledge!

This is the third time I’ve taken part in the training course and each time I’ve discovered the depths of the software. Thanks to Esteban for his teaching skills.

Learning more. Ty.

It was an amazing training, but the change in UI is urgent.

The training was useful, but I still have to learn a lot and work on this platform as fast as Esteban! :slight_smile:

amazing top