Offtopic - November Instructor Led Trainings (Free)

Another session of our free and very popular and probably very helpful (many and’s) implementation training is taking place in September. We just mailed all our customers and community.

Read the feedback from our last training here: Offtopic - September Instructor Led Trainings

Registration form: November 2023 Training

November 27th (Monday)
15:00 CET - Access Management,

  • Access Control,
  • Authentication

November 28th (Tuesday)
15:00 CET - User Interface,

  • Policy Management,
  • Policy Reviews,
  • Notifications,
  • Automatic Reviews Process

November 29th (Wednesday)
15:00 CET - Internal Controls,

  • Audits,
  • Evidence Gathering,
  • Notifications,
  • Basic Reporting,
  • Custom Fields

November 30th (Thursday)
15:00 CET - Compliance Managements,

  • Upload Compliance Packages
  • Mappings,
  • Control / Policy Linking,
  • Reporting

December 1st (Friday)
15:00 CET - Risk Management,

  • Risk Module Configurations
  • Risk Reviews,
  • CSV Imports,
  • Reporting,
  • Dynamic Status
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Fyi, Thursday the 23rd is Thanksgiving across the pond from you and the 24th is a day in which nobody will be at work… might impact the attendance negatively.

oh man thanks for letting us know … i just changed dates to the last week of November. Thanks Dave!!!

We have now completed a week of training, i’m leaving the statistics and feedback received. Thank you all for your patience and making things easy to me. I’ll take your input for the next session which will most likely happen sometime in February.

I have just sent an email to everyone that signed up with the recordings and details about discounts, certifications, etc.

Stats compiled from your feedback:

Your feedback:

Useful information

This was a great training to begin with

Enjoyable and educational

Good learning.

It was good.

Helpful & enjoyable

overview of method

Great offering. Most vendors don’t offer this level of training - for free.

Thanks Estiban you have a wealth of experience that is very helpful to share

Will coax my boss to get the enterprise version.


Great! time was not enough though.



good stuff

More time for course

Great training, good start for me since we will be using Eramba soon

I must attend the entire training every day to receive a certificate.

very useful

Keep it simple

Greatly appreciated :wink:

Thank you

thank u for the training

God job

This training was awesome. I love the laid back style.


good overview of the topics

Ha sido uno de los trainings más entretenidos que he tenido sobre InfoSec en general. Gracias.

many things to lern and try…

Thanks for this


All good. Thanks.

Thanks for help

I still have struggles on one item: defining correct what assets are

less bad language

Esteban is amazing and totally down to earth

Gives a very good insight on ideas behind the system

Motivation to improve

I really appreciate the training. Very helpful. Thank you.

This was a great interaction and I absolutely want to embrace this for our Risk Management growth

More applied would be nice

Thanks Esteban!!!

Stories & Concepts around implementation are helpful

Better understanding of eramba

Moderator could be more polite. Training wasnt practical at all. Attandance certificate protess is a total mess and you should shame.

Thank you for the great training!

Come prepared to the education !!!

Esteban has an excellent experience and I like the platform very much. It would be great for most of our customers who can’t afford the expensive GRC platforms.

It is for sure no lost time :wink: Much information in a short time but a good basis to work further on it

training was good

Thanks for this training

Interactive, learning

Excellent, very detailed, realistic comments, good way to learn how to get started and be successful with eramba!

Great breakdown of the Eramba platform

youre great, thanks!

As the training progresses I become more and more enthusiastic about Eramba :slight_smile:

Add an advanced training! I want to know more details and more modules, like account review.

talking to fast slow down - say less shit words

Yes, we look forward for such trainings in near future. Estaban has been Best till so far!

Thanks, it’s very appreciate

Thank you for such a great job


The training was invaluable. I started the training under the impression it would just be a walkthrough of Eramba, but both the Zoom training and documentation contain a lot of foundational knowledge that is important to accomplishing GRC goals.

Indeed it was a good refresher

mot ready for now

Great presentations and content

It would’ve been nice if the training had more structure and maybe a way to disable the chat for some time until the training has been completed a good bit. Also, the trainer is very good, but I think it would go better if perhaps someone else assisted him in looking after the chat because of a lot of distractions

please speek slow during training for understanding

It was very usefull!!!

Energy level was super

just stop distracting yourself with the questions during the presentation. take questions after

we provide GRC consultation and also we are certified company. It was very helpful sessions.

Useful training. Thank you!

thank you


A lot of content. must have Eramba instaalled to relate to material.

Very Precise and Strong Speaker

Eramba es una aplicación asombrosa

Nice Training but need practical too and breaks should be allowed atleat 10 mins

I have gone through all the courses with my previous company account, and implemented the community edition and provided them training how to use it. Although I knew most of the stuff but got introduced to features that are included in the enterprise version. Currently I am working with a Company which is dealing with implementation for Enterprise Architecture Offices and it has been planned to be partner with you that I will talk to my management later after finishing some project. In summary great training

keep the question to the end

The training was fantastic and very informative. Thanks for the training Easy

Lengthy but detailed and really useful training - would be great to link this to the E-Learning documentation in future so attendees can prepare a bit prior to attending these sessions (and saving time for Esteban)

The live training was above my skills (and way above my coworkers’ who attended); but it was essential to understanding how eramba works and as a guide to maximizing the learning portal content. I’m very grateful.

everything was perfect but were a lot of Infos!