Offtopic - Why not buying consulting is (typically) a bad idea

As most of you know, this project is trying to democratise GRC by providing free or economical GRC trainings, templates and software (more explanation on our business model in this FAQ entry).

We have sold more than a thousand licenses of eramba since we started in 2016 and we have learned a lot from our customers and community on how is best to implement eramba.

Statistically we know that approximately %70 of our customers that use eramba without understanding how it works, fail or delay their implementation by one year (until they buy workshops). This is particular higher for those coming from spreadsheets or starting in GRC.

Failing implementing eramba typically means:

  • waste of money (license)
  • waste of time (attempting to implement, or learn, etc)
  • disappoint stakeholders that supported the initiative

Failing is a lot more than the 2500 EUR or 5000 EUR that costs our license. In fact the license is likely to be the least problem (Btw, failing in the context of our competitors prices is literally, at least 10-20 times worse).

If you want to avoid falling in that %70 we mentioned above, you need to understand how eramba works and then start your implementation with the right feet. For Risk & Compliance use cases, this means:

  • 20 hours of reading our documentation
  • 20 hours of practicing what you read on a dummy install of eramba (or our demo)
  • 10 hours of email support to our core team to clarify questions
  • 20 hours of configuration (custom fields, risk settings, filters, notifications, access lists, dynamic status, Etc)

In total, a skilled GRC person, would require some 70 hours of dedication (this time in elapsed terms, means a month in an agile company) to get ready to implement. This is assuming they are quick learners and have GRC experience.

Our compliance and risk workshops were designed because there is no point in going through all that process alone. You risk your implementation, we risk having an unhappy customer. Also some loose focus as they have other things to do. Is a bit like paying for a personal trainer, the trainer pushes you to reach your objective and teaches you how to do it optimally.

For the reasons above, we created our 8 hours, fixed priced workshops (800 EUR) that help you through out the process mentioned above.

  • You will still have to complete our learning trainings (20 hours)
  • We will practice and configure eramba for your specific use cases, together, in about 8 hours of time
  • All your questions will be addressed during these meetings
  • You will gain all the skills you need to continue on your own

See the comparison for yourself:

We know this is not scientific, but we also know there is a huge difference in between customers that engage with workshops and those that did not.

As you see on the table above:

  • you will do things quicker (because we help you do it together on a Zoom call). If your (and your team) time costs money, there is no way you will do this cheaper.
  • you will have much higher chances of success.

If risk is your thing, the risk of failure (as described above) is greatly mitigated by investing 800 EUR. Calculate what hourly rate you have and you will see, that in most cases, you are not saving any money by doing things on your own.

We attach workshops sheets, if you have questions let us know to

Risk Workshop Summary (4).pdf (95.5 KB)
Compliance Workshop Summary (4).pdf (95.5 KB)