Question - Audit custom fields on Internal control form


I have created two custom fields on control audits to categorize them to main categories such as “IT Security”, “Compliance” and “Finance” and their related sub categories. I would like to add these custom fields inside the internal control form. Please refer to the image below.

If not, I would have to edit all the audits manually in order to categorize them. I appreciate your concern on this request.



this is documented on the roadmap, to be done hopefully this year. see related post here: Feature - Custom Fields within tabs (Edit Order)


Hi, thank you for the quick response. You have misunderstood my request. I meant that I would like to have the custom fields of Audit form inside Control form Audit tab.
Please refer to the image below. I want to have these two fields inside internal controls form ( the above screenshot).

What you want is to re-organize (move) those custom fields (top right corner of the form) to another tab. Is that correct?

if that is correct, is not possible, custom fields can not be moved around - by default they are put into tabs on the top right corner of the form. That will be changed in the future so you can organize anywhere were you want.

No, let the custom fields be in the top right corner. We can fill the audit details inside the “Audits” tab of the “Internal Controls” form. At the same time, we have an “Audits” form seperately where we can create multiple audits per internal control. Here I have created custom fields in the “Audits” form to categorize the audits. I want to see custom fields of “Audits” form in the “Audits” tab of the “Internal Controls” form.