Question: dynamic_status_value_logs: 1.22 GB

I saw that warning in my health check and found the fix detailed in release 3.3.0 => Release 3.3.0

The migration ran and finished without problems but the warning remains. How do I proceed from here?

can you check on the db the table is actually no longer that large? … probably wont make a difference, but have you tried clearing the cache at system / settings ?

To be honest I haven’t checked the DB, I’m not that well versed with doing that so instead of wasting time figuring that out, I thought I’d ask what to expect. Were the instructions provided supposed to delete the “old” content after a successful migration or not? How to get rid of that warning? I’m just missing details here :slight_smile:

yes - but it does not seem to have been your case for some reason. can I ask you please to send an email to with:

  • link to this post (so you dont have to rewrite the whole thing again)
  • screenshot of system/about
  • do you want to keep that historical data or you dont care? if yes, you run the command “bin/cake dynamic_status migrate_logs_to_deltas” and you can confirm it finished ok?

send all that and we’ll try to help

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