Question - index pagination

Hi, it would be very nice if there was the option to see all entries in a module within eramba.
This is based on my usage within the SaaS solution currently available.

I’m not sure this is clear, what you understand by entries? it would help if you use screenshots or explain a little more what you are after

I meant the option to show all entries, kind of like how there is the option to show 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries within modules like asset risk management.

there has to be pagination, you can display up to 100 items. the new UI/UX might have a workaround for this, but we wont know until we test it.

So there is no way to make it a variable generated based upon the total number of rows within the table in the database it is stored in?

Unfortunately, no.

Then please look into if this would be possible with the new UI.

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If it’s not possible to have an ‘All’ (show all records) option could we at least have a look at the filter/search function as this only filters on the page and not across all records? It’s a pain when you have over 100 records in a specific module and you have to search across multiple pages!

that’s the plan