Question - Is there a setting to control default page size?

Question - Is there a setting to control default page size?

I searched the forums prior and looked through the available settings, but I can’t see a mechanism to set the default page size to something more standard such as 25.

(an additional reason this is an issue is because the filter also only seems to filter on the displayed page results, not the full set of results/controls/etc)

Do you mean this setting?
There is a limit of showing 100 items because of performance etc.
Most probably it will change with the upcoming new user interface.
There is no setting to setup this setting through the whole system.

Hi Sam - yes I mean that setting. I wasn’t looking to increase the number. I want to default every page size to 100. So, every page I go to is consistently set at 100 (or whatever I choose), so I don’t have to modify single time on each page I visit.


Sure, I understand now. Unfortunately, it is not possible right now. With the upcoming new user interface, this should not be an issue anymore as we are planning to get rid of the pagination.

Hi Sam

If you’re getting rid of paging, I assume you’re doing something with Infinity scrolling?

If that’s the case are you addressing the sorting and filter issues in the UI? Thats the root cause of why I’m asking for higher paging and defaulted as such.

Eg. Currently when you order by date, it orders the items on the page by date, it doesn’t order the entire set of data by date and display the top.

Eg.2. same with the filter, it filters the values present within the displayed page, it doesn’t filter based on the entire possible result set.

If you don’t correct these issues. Infinity scrolling is likely going to produce a worse experience for this use case.

Happy to expand on any of this. Also happy to be a guinea pig in terms of any demo system you may have.

Kind regards


Yes, correct, we keep this in mind, believe me, you are not the only one who finds quick filter irritating haha.
Regarding sorting, you can sort the whole table via manage filter/sorting button.
If you want to participate on new UI/UX feedback, please let me know, it is a quick 30min recorded session with our designer.