Question - Latest community version release date update?

I’ve got a partly configured community version (the last released version c2.8.1) that I’m using as a proof of concept to demo to my company. 2 questions

  1. is there a revised schedule for the new release given that there have been no updates to this post from @kisero since the end of September?
    Community 2022 release

  2. are the differences significant enough that I should wait for the new version before continuing so that
    a) I’m doing the demo using the latest [improved] version
    b) migration to the enterprise version once the proof of concept has been approved is easier

I don’t want to put more time into c2.8.1 if the next release is imminent. But I have heard that those deadlines make a lovely whoosh noise as they fly by… :wink:

makes sense, this week in theory we roll out everything we promised … ha! we’ll see about that in detail : )

Great to see the new site is up. I love how you’re consistent with your timing estimates… :wink: Even the 5 minute intro in the learning section of the new site takes 6 minutes. Learning Portal | Eramba learning portal
Made me smile this morning :smiley:


haha yes we were also contemplating in updating the title of the 5 minute introduction : )