Question: PDF Template Config (Closed)


I was wondering if there was any point in the settings where you can change how the exported PDFs look?

Right now there’s a big red X on ours, which is trying to point to a page that doesn’t exist on our Eramba instance. We were hoping to put things like a company logo, alter how the PDF looks, etc.

Hello There!

No settings, can you share a screenshot of what you get on the PDF?


That shows up on the PDF when exported. It links to oursite/policy, but that is just a blank page when visiting in a browser.

The layout is broken, this is not the app but the way the server is configured (i would say). There is a post here were we discussed this issue, let me try and find it!

Here it is, you need to have some linux background perhaps to follow this, if you find it complicated to understand let me know and i’ll try to assist you over

My Apache log looks like the one in that thread, a HTTP request is made to our server’s URL, the request looks fine.

I can send an email along to look at this further if that would be better.

Issue solved by Adam itself, the SSL certificate was not signed and the library that handles PDF could not deal with that.

Raised an issue on the library guys, i dont expect feedback…

Hi Guys,

I use self-signed certs myself in our orginisation. If you are in an Active Directory environment you can push the certificate out by Group Policy which I have done so that all computers in my Org trust the cert.

Just worth a thought. The other option if it is just a small number of computers using Eramba then you can manually import the cert into the trusted root certificate.

If you are using externals then it is more problematic.

Yep - truth in that too !

When you tcpdump the connection in between eramba and apache when eramba tries to get the CSS needed to style the PDF you can see using tcpdump clearly if it is a CA issue:

(tcpdump -w /tmp/x.cap -vvv host tcp dst port 443)