Support - PDFs not working (Closed)


Some customers had issues downloading PDF’s they would look like this (or not download at all):

This might also sometimes affect Third Party Audits , the functionality where you click to answer a question. You might get something like this:

Th reason for this errors is that eramba is making requests to himself, but the URL eramba is calling is not available. This is different from the “normal” approach when you call a url with your browser.

If you look at Apache access logs when all works fine downloading an asset PDF, we see something like this:

You hit “Download PDF” and you wont see anything coming from your IP, it will be eramba calling himself. Note, eramba calls the hostname URI, there is no fully qualified domain there.

At the end, when all is good, the HTTP request goes trough (and the download begins).

When things are not right , eramba cant call himself. Typically problems are:

  • eramba does not have the correct hostname, eramba picks up your hostname based on your /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts settings (this is actually handled by the OS, eramba has nothign to do with those files).
  • the site has a crooked certificate and eramba requests the stuff but gets back that the certificate is not ok
  • there is some proxy implemented, so requests end up on the proxy instead of going to eramba.

I hope this helps to explain this behaviour (which i tend to debug quite often).

Have a good day!