Question - Remove limitations of bulk edit

I am trying to do some bulk editing due to having moved from the community to the enterprise edition and having had some organizational changes in our hierarchy. We found that there are certain limitations of the bulk editing functionality. I then started making a list of fields I cannot change when bulk editing, service controls, security policies and assets only to realize that all fields are actually marked with:

Note: this field wont be modified by this bulk edit

  • when bulk editing policies, controls, assets, etc. I would very much like to use the “bulk edit” function to edit these fields:

owner, reviewer, tags, label, permissions, servicice owner ,collaborator, audit owner, evidence owner

As was pointed out by a fellow forum user, you have to first change the option in the drop-down box. Feature - Update tags using Bulk Edit

after a decade using this thing even I still forget about doing that dropdown switch too