Question - Third Party Audits / audit request to more than one person

I’m trying to do a ”3 Party Audit” to a number of persons:

This means that I use a ”Comliance Package”, select a few number of controlees and ask a number of persons to answer these questions. It seems that:

• Only the person who answer first is logged - answers logged
• Other persons can’t answer

Does this mean that I have to make a package to each person?


Hello Kurt,

I want to be sure i understand what you need so i dont mix up things, assume the following third party audit settings:

  • when the user “auditee” logs in on the URL provided by the third party, it should only see all items with the exception of 1.1.3
  • when the user “cecilia…” logs in, it should see 1.1.[2-4]

Now, items 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 will be visible to both, whoever replies them first “closes” the item. So for that audit i just shared, if “auditee” logs in he will see:

Items 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 are greyed out because “cecilia” logged in first and responded those items already.

Let me know if this addresses your question, also let me know if you had a different functinoality in mind, we can of course have a look at it!


Btw - we have the following improvements in mind for Third Party Audits:

  • automatically start and finish audits based on the dates provided
  • review english on third party audits, findings section
  • what happens when two auditees need to answer the same question, when can the audit be submitted?
  • deinfe custom emails for comments, attachments and submissions of forms.
  • review once again the documentation
  • custom roles missing for third party notifications
  • notification sent when no feedback is provided by the auditees.
  • put a big warning when deleting third parties, if the object has compliance analysis into it.
  • when you clone a third party audit, you want to be able to edit all fields and reset all answers.
  • allow auditee to download answered questions on CSV
  • missing “Status” on third party (Start / Finished)

I was testing this feature and it seems that something has broken when there are more than one person assigned, i logged in as “auditee” , responded the three top questions and got an error. then looking at the summary (on the top left) i see stats dont make sense.

is this the error you were hitting?

Thanks for the detailed description and the examples.

I might best describe our need via an example.

I make a compliance package, e.g. around GDPR, and I then ask 4 departments to answer all the questions in the compliance package. When all 4 has answered, I want to make a report that contains all departments answers.

Hope this better describe what I’m looking for.

Hi Sejr,

Yes now is a different thing, you will need to create one questionnaire per “department”. In fact you do one and clone it three times changing the Auditee setting. i made a quick video that shows the steps

Let me know if this is what you needed!


ps. the issue we found was fixed on todays release.

Hi Eramba
I can see that this is usable, but also a work around. The reason why I see this as a work around is because it’s an audit pr. department and I manually after all the auditees has answered shall compile a report of my own.
But yes it’s usable!


In you demo you have “List Settings” under “Audit Settings” - I dont have this in our version of Eramba

Our version: app e1.0.6.033 and db e1.0.1.016

Strange …


Hi Kurt,
You need to upgrade to version 34 !

We have the same GDPR requirements (10-20 depts), right now the only conclusion is to clone the questionnaire.
Here’s what we tried.

Option 1 - Duplicating (x amount of times) the same compliance item package per department

Added the department name in the item ID
Then assigned the specific item to the dept auditee. Works perfectly, one consolidated questionnaire and tracking.

This of course solves the multiple questionnaire issue, but causes another in the compliance analysis module …
Having multiple times the policies, controls … nightmare

Option 2 - Awareness module

Using the Awareness module, to question the different departments, But you lose the ability to attach evidence, and perform follow ups …

Yep - this is a workaround, please bare in mind im working (and if my kids stop getting sick with flu i plan to finish this weekend) on what it will be the complete redesign of Third Party audits functionality.

If i manage to get the details this weekend next monday / tuesday i will send an invite to all of you to review what we have in mind and make sure is better than what we have today.

For details there is this post: Feature - Third Party Audits needs improvements (ongoing r49 or r50)