IMPORTANT ! - three questions for you (poll)

If you can choose one of the three following features, what would be for you more URGENT?

  • Charts (enable visualisation on all them, create more of them)
  • Streamline OpenSourceGRC templates integration with eramba
  • Launch SaaS

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How often you want updates?

  • Every 10 Days
  • Monthly

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We are floating the idea of making our implementation services MANDATORY to everyone, that is 6 of consulting for every new customer at a one time cost of 600 EUR. So the first year you pay 3600 EUR and subsequent years 3000 EUR. The 6 hours are used to get you started with Access Management, Risk, Compliance. Your view on this?

  • My organisation is price sensitive - make it optional
  • I would not mind extra 600 EUR for that additional service

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Related to question 3 - As an Eramba partner, often times we’re the ones doing the implementation already and won’t need the services/consulting component…


Related to question 2 - updates with monthly frequency it’s enough for new features, but maybe you should keep 10-15 days for bug fixing (hotfixes)



Related to question 1

  • For charts probably have dynamic chart options with ability to select chart type and field from the columns section (even have option to select the custom field a user creates) this will be very useful feature for reportings.

check this one out, it was posted yesterday: Feature - dynamic pie chart widget


Today we released e3.14.0:

  • we enabled visualisations on all charts
  • we included 14 new charts
  • reports can be cloned
  • reports can use charts from other sections
  • we moved our release plan for monthly releases (unless emergencies come)
  • SaaS is coming very soon

We listen!