Support - How do you inform employees about policy changes?

Hi there,

we have a small team of people who can decide about and edit policies and these people have user accounts in eramba and are part of the decision making but we need to inform everyone affected by a policy about the change.

How do other eramba users handle this?

Sending emails happens on “Notifications”, so you know you are stuck with them for this.

Triggering notifications in this context is done trough the use of “Warning” notifications , which are triggered by “Dynamic Status”

… you need to play with conditions but is suspect this would work to trigger when a review record is “completed”

it looks like this:

So you probably need to use them in combination:

  • create a status that triggers when there is a new review on the section
  • create a notification that triggers when the status triggers, the notification will have as “recipients” a “group” that has all the people you need to reach out. The group will have to be on the “Owner” or “Reviewer” roles of the policy or review.

Thanks for the details and that sounds pretty good. We haven’t started using notifications yet, currently busy reading the manual for notifications to figure out what they can do.

Unfortunately at a glance I see one issue with your suggestion:

The group will have to be on the “Owner” or “Reviewer” roles of the policy or review.

I need to inform every employee about security policies pertaining to them.
i.e. everyone needs to be informed about the security policy about password length while only developers need to be informed about a development security policy.
Most of these employees do not have any role inside eramba as they do not write or review policies, they just need to be informed about them and changes to them.

The policy portal does a great job but I am missing a way to inform them about changes.

Am I missing something crucial here or can someone share how they are accomplishing this goal?

If you want to send emails to tell people “something” and you dont want to give them accounts you must include on your notification a static email address: and not an account

i think that is the typical way you can bypass the limitation you raised on your comment?

Thanks, I think those are enough pointers to get me going. Sounds like a clever way to use distribution groups since I already have those on my exchange server so no need to replicate that structure inside eramba.

I will update my post here once I’ve found a solution in case someone else is looking to solve the same issue.

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I have made some progress but I am wondering how I can adapt the tempalte of the email notification to include a link of the changed policy.

Currently the template looks like this:


Status %STATUS_NAME% has been turned %STATUS_RESULT%.

What I am looking for is something like this:


The %Policy_ID_Link% has been edited.

Is something like that somehow possible?

You can use macro %ITEM_URL%

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Based on the above, would it be possible to add an email notification macro in for the Direct Link option that’s available from the menu as I have people that only have access to the portal and would like to direct them straight to the Published document?


I have actually managed to use the actual Portal document URL and add-on the Policy ID macro on the end and create a hyperlink out of it to put in the email notification. Works a treat and now goes direct to the document on the portal from the email. Example below if anyone needs it:

This can now be used to notify users that a new document has been added by also using the Published Status as a dynamic status change.

clever stuff!

Yes, but see Bug below: