Support - Policy Download as PDF

Hi All

First time posting so apologies if this is not in the correct section.

When downloading a policy as a PDF from the policy portal the header/branding images and formatting is missing resulting is something that looks like this…

We thought we maybe experiencing something similar to this but unfortunately not.

Any help would be much appreciated



Hello Gary,
Can you try to download some report? There is also logo included so we want to see if it is working on report.

I’ve got the same problem as Gary but I just tried a report and the logo is there:

Hi Sam

When i download a report our logo is present at the top.

The problem is still present when downloading policies from the policy portal though.

Since you provided the HTMLPurifier workaround i have transferred all our policies to Eramba so i would like to have this resolved prior to releasing to the business

Happy to screenshare if that helps


Hello Gary,

Please write to so we can schedule a zoom call.