Bug - Multi language support issues

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anybody had issues with the New Template and multi language support. Whenever I change language settings to other than English, nothing happens for that user and the configuration changes back to the default English.

anybody experienced similar issue?



We removed multi-language in 2.x due lack of “translators” - we can put them back pretty easily but we wont do it unless we find a way on how to keep the system translated as we publish new updates…

Multiple languages will be back on the next release:

You will be able to upload your own languages … we uplaoded a few using google translation APIs but im sure the translation is really bad.

Today we got a request on how to change one of the menu’s language:

As you can see we changed “Audits” for “Denmark” but we left the entire system with the default English. This video i’m attaching here shows how we did it (but this time we changed “Issues” for "“Doh”)

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vsVgZ2e-F5VFt7CBCi9GQc8gCFXsmsAg/view

Note: you will need a po editor application, we use poedit

I understand: translating is a lot of work. I’ve started the Dutch (nl-NL) translation. Now at 6% of 5600+ lines translated :wink: I will share when finished and double checked.

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I am about to start translating into German. Is anyone else by any chance doing that already?

@eramba do you think it would be a good idea to create a sticky thread to keep track of translations?


are you still working on it? I am also thinking about translating to German :slight_smile:

I started on a free plan with some online site I think it was called poeditor.com and then didn’t finish my translation in time so the trial ran out and now it only shows:

I’d be willing to help translate, provided someone sets this up as a translation project properly somewhere…

Sounds good, I am using poeditor also in the free version and Google/Deepl Translate

Is there a way to share? i.e. can you give me access to your translation so I can try and do what is left?

you can send the po Files around. However I am jst starting so thereis still a lot to translate

I don’t think it will work. I had extracted the English po file, uploaded it to poeditor and there it looks like a couple of thousand strings which is more than their free tier allows.

Anyway, I will try and share it all here in this post.
These are the export options I have:

Eramba_v2_German.po (928.8 KB)

Please let me know if that works and if it does, send me a personal message here so I can share my email address with which I registered on poeditor.com so we can see if you can share access to the translation so we can both work on it maybe.