Feature - Completely new UX/UI

Thanks, I appreciate how much work is involed. Looking forward to the beta when it’s ready.

We’re eagerly awaiting this release so we can start attaching audit evidence via API. Are you still on pace for a beta release this week?

maybe next week … we’ll keep you all posted dont worry

Anything new to share on the new UI/UX?

http://newtemplate.eramba.org (user: admin / pass: admin)

We miss:

  • review english grammar on the system
  • include the default reports on every section, which look a bit like the image below
  • new documentation (half done)
  • tiny bugs here and there, but for the most part all is pretty stable
  • test the update package (which is 100 megs on size and last time we tested took 10 minutes to complete)

The link above is a testing environment with testing data, so pretty mcuh anything can happen when you click something.

Dear Eramba team,

good job and nice design.

I miss a view to display items like in the edit screen. And links in the description fields would be great.

And the auto positioning of the screen. eg. Compliance Analysis Item / Edit item is not really comfortable. It would be great when the window will stick to the top. At the moment when i switch between the tabs the tab bar is always at a different position.

Best Regards,

Yep - we discussed resizing a lot here and i agree is annoying , once we launch the first version of thenew template we can work on this details (if you would know all that was changed you would understand why we call this things details!) … since the template is clean is a lot easier now to make system wide modifications touching only one piece of code.

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We did a change…it was annoying for us too

video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LpVhdn3qSLxl70z2MAb5eIxoUZEVzMNV/view

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Will the “complianceManagements/analyze” be gone in the new UI? I cannot find it in the demo. It contains like a LOT of detail in a very nice manner and is really impressive. I will for sure miss this.


Thanks for the feedback , do you refer to this window?

That goes away for the following reasons:

  • you cant really search (unless you do ctrol + f)
  • you cant click on a control or policy and get to the details of it (you need multiple tabs)
  • you cant adjust the columns you want to see . (now we dont show all) nor the order

I loved that window it was one the best things i probably did in eramba but it has its limitations.

the new way shows the same but with the advantages of correcting the things above and the reports.

I think it will take us all some time to get used to the new look&feel and we know out of experience it takes some time of using things until you know how to adjust them. We are not closed to listen and fix things (its pretty obvious by now) so lets give it a shot , document here ideas , and with time we’ll see what we can do to improve.

Thanks again for the feedback

Yes - and it will be missed. It gives information that in the interface today would require lots of scrolling both vertical and horizontal. But it will improve I hope - always hard to make such changes. For your example it is not that bad, but getting a full overview of a 300+ question compliance assessment in a glance is really important. All the mouse-over and details that were available (like comments) added to this.

Other than that, I assume the status will be optional in the filter like any other item in the future? I also hope that an alternative one could be made that takes less space (like only printing OK/MISSING or just a colored graph icon). Everything also takes so much space. I think a requirement must be that it should be able to create a A4 report with most of the details for like 20 or so risks. Today when I tried, often just one risk was showing for each page (and it was even vertical aligned). I know this is what the CSV export is for and external reporting tools, but I really want to avoid going there for everything.

I also found a big missing item. When editing a Compliance Analysis Item, the Title / Description / Audit Criteria is missing! This is quite important - or you have no way of knowing what you are editing or making an efficacy assessment on. I also use this a lot.

We’ll try to add it , remember you can edit things inline now on the filter directly … no need to go to the menu / edit form in most cases.

Good point, but then you miss some critical features like creating a new mitigation project, and it requires 50% scaling in my browser to even be able to know what row I am at.

I really like how this has been done (picture below). I really think the same should be for the “Item name” column - and then get rid of the whole “Status” column


All this is not to be negative - I like a lot with the new interface and it is nice that the annoying bugs with the old filters are gone. The search also seems fantastic.

Seems like the update is pretty close to release - any chance it will go live before the end of the year?

I would say yes…very very possible.

Well, we are really almost there:

  • documentation public

Is very likely we’ll send a communication early next week to all customers who is interested in testing this new update on their testing (not production) systems.

8 months of work and nearly %60 of all eramba revenues put into this … it better pays off !!

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Do we have a projected wide release date? We’ve been waiting to roll out company wide until the update was complete to avoid too much confusion when the change came. I would really like to be able to plan for creating training slides and actual use into my Q1 goals.

I really understand your question and i would do the same if i would be in your place - we are afraid of giving dates because the truth is one day looks like we kill it in a week and then we run into something that drags out the project two additional weeks (couple of guys got sick in the last weeks and we slowed down a ton for example) … we try to show here the real update on the project.

What we miss to release?

testing the upgrade more (we found a bug during the weekend, was solved today) … so tomorrow additional testing. if we dont find anything else in the next couple of days towards the end of the week we should launch an email inviting customers to install eramba on their TESTING environement. Probably around Christmas if all testing continues to work well we’ll roll out the software for PRODUCTION to a subset of our customers.

I’m really sorry i cant give any more than this very honest answer.

Big milestone today … the daily cron on our testing environments (running a quite heavy messy db) finally finished all tasks correctly (we have struggled with the PDF reports) and sent all the right emails … really close to finish this new template :slight_smile:

for those of you that celebrate christmas and new years … well , enjoy :slight_smile: