Feature - Visualization notifications

I’m trying to set up access to risk items for another group and in the process eramba seems to have sent out emails I did not expect or want:

Subject: Visualisation: A section has been shared with you (Business Impact Analysi)

Dear <user name redacted>. The section by the name of "Business Impact Analysi" has been shared with you by <user name redacted>. You can access with the following link: show

Your friends at Eramba

I did not share a specific section directly I was simply adding a group to the exceptions under the visualizations. In fact, I’m not sure exactly which action triggered this notification email and can’t find out how to delete the notification.

Appreciate your help tracking this down.

This is a built in notification that triggers when you except someone on a specific item or in visualisations, someone suggested in the past this email should be optional or / and customisable.

Long term queue: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2281


Yes, please do make it optional and customizable as other notifications.

Are there other built-in notifications lurking out there we can be informed about?

no , i dont think so but we’ll check it once we get to this issue

when shared is clicked then we need the modal to include an option to send an email and another to copy a link to the item directly

the same on settings / visualisations

the link will be the one to the section, not an item of course

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