Question: custom role fields

Hi I am looking at customising the Security Policies form a little bit (and read the Custom Fields documentation, of course :slight_smile: Custom Fields - Google Docs )

Could you just clarify -
if I create my own custom fields, I cannot create ones of the type ‘choose user or groups’ (i.e. custom roles).
The are two ‘choose user or groups’ selection fields in the Security Policies form, ‘Owner’ and ‘Reviewer’ - I can change the names of these fields. But I can’t add extra custom role fields?

(In my existing workflow company, I have an ‘Approver’ as well as the ‘Owner’ and the ordinary ‘Reviewers’… the Approver is typically the Owner’s line manager… my plan was to have Eramba send a notification to the Approver if a Security Policy review is very late :slight_smile: But it doesn’t look like I can have a custom field for Approvers?)

correct - the idea of having custom fields is something we want to do , @sam is this on the backlog?

Yes, already in our backlog

Int. ref:
Int. ref: Feature - Exceptions miss a custom role "Owner" in addition to "Requester" - #9 by eramba

Ah, cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.
I am sure I can manage some kind of workaround in the meantime :slight_smile: