Release 3.21.0

We are working hard trying to finish the new opensourceGRC functionality and a new website for eramba. As usual, this is taking longer than expected in particular with the summer moodes on top of us.

In the meantime we managed to cook a small release with a few nice perks and of course a ton of bug fixing:

  • Internal Controls Audit result is no longer Fail or Pass: you can now define, on top of those options, whatever result you want. Almost Pass, Not a Chance Pass or whatever you want to call them.

  • Data Flows CSV Imports: we have included CSV imports so you can now quickly import your data flows into eramba. This reduces the amount of clicking and makes implementation faster.

  • Third Party module has now expanded custom fields: you can add many more custom fields in this module. Typically this is used to store information about your suppliers, things like their contact name, address, their Criticality, Etc.

  • Charts improvements: we fixed a few charts in the Risk module that had some bugs and expanded a few existing charts to have more content. This are minor improvements, a new chart engine will be developed next year together with a new UI.

  • Missing CSRF cookie error: is hard to explain why if you are not a hard techy developer but sometimes you wont be able to login and an error will show telling you something about CSFR cookie. We added a button that when clicked makes this error go away.




20230710_Executive_Summary_https_acunetix_eramba_org_.pdf (77.1 KB)